History of Be Hostels: A new hostel accommodation style in Barcelona

Be Hostels is nowadays a famous and well regarded group of hostels in Barcelona.

Be Hostels has kept throughout the years the traditional sense of a hostel, lately, merging it with the new traveling tools! Always offering best location, affordable prices and best quality!

Be Hostels started in 1999 as a small hotel next to the main street las Ramblas, right at the city center of Barcelona. The man behind the creation of Be Hostels was Josep Maria Farré, welcoming new guests the best way possible in Barcelona. Years later Adrià and Vàlia, his son and daughter, joined him in this grand endeavour. Their youth and world travel enthusiasm brought with them new ideas about lodging!

Be Mar Hostel Barcelona Best Location

They opened Be Mar Hostel in 2002, one of the few hostels in Barcelona existing at that time. What a great period that was! Introducing new ideas into a very traditional tourism sector, like the Spanish one back then. Many hours were spent at the reception, making new friends and enjoying Be Mar Hostel grow. In 2005 Be Hostels opened its second hostel, Barcelona Hostels | Be Sound Hostel right next to the first one. It was build on a old music warehouse full of discs and music stuff. Barcelona Hostels | Be Sound Hostel is a tribute to that place, as we organize live concerts, thus promoting the music of Barcelona.

Then in 2007, Be Dream Hostel was opened in order to share the beach with backpackers visiting Barcelona and the city of Badalona, where Farre’s family is from.

Finally Be Hostels opened a hostel in the city of Zaragoza, a beautiful city between the cities of Barcelona and Madrid. It surely deserves a stop to discover the authentic Spanish lifestyle and this blooming city.

We want you to feel at home and hope that you have an awesome stay!

We never stopped traveling around the world. We’re always willing to know what we can do to improve the stay of our guests and we try to leave our imprint in every little thing happening at Be Hostels.