Tomatoes fight!

Be Hostels is happy to tell you about one more spanish festival, probably the craziest one! La Tomatina is worth to see, which is practically a big tomato fight! Grab the biggest one and throw it to your friend!


La Tomatina is the most popular festival held in Buñol, Valencia which happens every year on the last Wednesday of August. The party is so popular especially among young people and in fact it is a big tomato fight between 11am and 1pm, where participants throw tomatoes at each other.
The origins of La Tomatina aren’t clear with several theories explaining how Bunyol has become home to the world’s biggest tomato fight. However, the most plausible suggests that the most likely explanation dates back to 1945 when an annual parade of enormous figures with big heads (Gigantes y Cabezudos) was passing through the streets of Bunyol.
It seems that some youngsters tried to join in the parade and accidentally knocked over one of the giants who got to his feet and started swinging out at everyone around him. In retaliation the youngsters grabbed some tomatoes from a nearby vegetable stall and started throwing them at him until the police arrived to break things up.
The following year on the same last Wednesday of August these young people returned to the town hall square and started another tomato fight using their own tomatoes. Again the police intervened and in subsequent years the local council tried to ban the ‘El día de la Tomatina’ but with little success as event continued to grow year after year reaching the ludicrous size it is today.
The following rules have been set down by the Bunyol Town Council:
• It is illegal to bring any kind of bottles or other objects that could cause an accident.
• You must not tear t-shirts.
• Tomatoes must be crushed before throwing so that they don’t hurt anybody.
• You must be careful to avoid the lorries which carry the tomatoes.
As soon as you hear the 2nd banger you must stop throwing tomatoes.
“Try to enjoy yourself as much as possible but respect these rules and the people. In the “tomatina” festival there has never been a mishap and we would like it to stay that way so everybody around the world can have a good time.”


Be Hostels advices you to join this crazy event to have an unforgettable experience in your life! Don’t forget to take with you clothes to change and be prepared to a real tomato fight! If you still don’t know how to go from Barcelona to Bunyol, check out the official La Tomatina bus tickets HERE.


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