Tibidabo the best view of Barcelona

Hey guys! If you, like Be Hostels, enjoy to see the world in different perspectives, Tibidabo is the perspective you can’t miss out during your stay in Barcelona.


Tibidabo is a mountain located in the back of the town, and is also the highest point in the town (512 m above the ocean). Tibidabo is a natural park full of paths to get lost and enjoy the view of Barcelona at your feet.

The essence of Tibidabo is without a doubt “El Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor”, a cathedral on the top, which you can actually see from all over Barcelona. With its amazing statues, work of mosaic and the INCREDIBLE view from the top floor (after you’ve climbed all the stairs), this temple is absolutely one of the most important must-do in whole Barcelona. Right beside the temple is an old fashioned amusement park with different kinds of rides, paris wheels, roller coasters, etc. Tibidabo offer things to do for everyone!!

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To go there you can always use the bus that goes from the town center (Plaça Catalunya) all the way up to the top. You can also take the local subway, and afterwards an old style tram and then use a gondola all way up. However, if you, like me, prefer the challenge and the natural experience you “simply” walk by foot (3 hours from city center). Like this you can enjoy the natural park and you see more of the amazing spanish nature and when you reach the top you´ll really feel that you’ve accomplished something during the day.

From the highest point of Barcelona you’re able to see everything in a bigger and mightier perspective than any other place in town. If it sounds good to you, do go to Tibidabo!

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