Three Kings Parade 2013

Hey! Come to Barcelona and enjoy the most magical day for children! You will enjoy the cavalcade of the three kings ( 5th January in the afternoon ) from the east! If you’ve been good guy, you will have a present! :D

In Spain, the most important day of the year for children is the arrival of the Three Kings from the East. Baltazar, Melchior and Gasper go to Bethlehem to be introduced to Jesus recently born and offer him precious presents.

This day is celebrated the 6th of January and unlike most of others countries, spanish children received their presents this day and not during Christmas day. Indeed, Santa Claus is considered as a very commercial character, the Three Kings are more authentic as they are related to the Bible.

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The Cavalcade is a pageant of colour and music where the excited populace gets the chance to see in the flesh the magic beings who will later bring gifts to every home –unless someone has been wicked of course, in which case the culprit only gets a piece of coal… As the Kings ride their exotic carriages through the city streets their pageboys throw sweets to the crowd –18 tons of them this year! If you still use a dummy and want a sweetie, you’ll have to swap it, I’m afraid. There are 6 carriages of pageboys with strict instructions to only give sweets in exchange for any dummies in evidence.

The Kings parade is a spectacular show designed and performed by professional artists from the world of theater, music, dance and circus alongside many volunteers, which are mostly students from 29 different arts schools in Barcelona. In total there are about 1200 costumed participants, eleven floats and 26 dance retinues called comparsas.

Don’t miss a minute and book your stay in Barcelona to enjoy this magical night!

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