Do you know the Be Hostels receptionists? We  are great team of young folks! We work hard and happily! 😉 We love Barcelona, we enjoy the best of it and want to help you discover this beautiful city!  Be Hostels is proud to say that Be Hostels Staff always receive super good rates and compliments. Get to know us! Keep traveling, keep smiling!


Be Dream Hostel

Hostels Barcelona | Eva EVA

During my travelings i have meet people super nice.
Working at Be Dream Hostel gives me the opportunity to keep meeting people that is wonderful!
And I mean the travelers and my work colleagues!





Hostels Barcelona | Joost JOOST

What I like about Barcelona? Definitely the atmosphere and the people. Especially in the Hostel There are loads of nice people from all over the world!. Plus Barcelona’s nightlife is amazing! The best artists Are performing the whole year real round. I it’s the best city in the world and everyone´s invited!





Hostels Barcelona | Natt NATT

I like Be Dream Hostel! It gives the opportunity to meet new people and learn about other cultures!







Hostels Barcelona | Juan JUAN

At Be Dream Hostel my dream of being a film director started. Since I arrived to Barcelona I have a very special relationship with this city. I found it beautiful, dynamic and versatile. From working at Be Dream Hostel I love almost all of it! I love my work colleagues that are jewels, I love meeting so many people from every corner of this planet and I love the
the ambient at the Hostel! It’s an authentic Dream!





Hostels Barcelona | EmmyEMMY

I came to Barcelona thinking I would only stay for 5 month, that was 2 and a half years ago and I’m still here, I suppose that says something about the city. I like Barcelona because you never get bored here. It’s really easy to be spontaneous and there’s always new things to see, know and learn. To work in Be Hostels is really great. You get to know so many people from all over the world, and there is a really relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I have a lot of fun at work!






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