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We work hard and happily! ;-) We love Barcelona, we enjoy the best of it and want to help you discover this beautiful city! Be Hostels is proud to say that Be Hostels Staff always receive super good rates and compliments. Get to know us! Keep traveling, keep smiling!

Hostels Barcelona | Faina


I live in a city where everybody wants to go and nobody wants to leave. A city full of culture, arts and patatas bravas where people greet you randomly on the street and music plays on every corner. A city made of little towns, where everything is designed with a sort of beauty that speaks to you from the rubbish bins. A city where you come to for love and where you make friends for life. I live in Barcelona – where everything is possible – if not today … then tomorrow.

Hostels Barcelona | Anna


It doesn’t matter who you ask or where is that person from, everybody that knows it, love this city.
Travelling around the world is a unique experience that makes you value not only the new that you get to know, but the « old » that you already knew. I missed the tastes and flavours of the Mediterranean, the Gaudi’s magic architecture, hang around in the narrow streets of the old city in which you would get beautifully lost, or sitting in a terrace enjoying the “vermut” with friends under the warm sun. Finally I am back in my beloved Barcelona 

Hostels Barcelona | Rodrigo


is difficult to talk about yourself, but I think to define a person it is best to talk about what he has done with his life, on my part since it was posible I’ve dedicated my life to travel … I get to barcelona with the idea of touring Europe a couple of years ago, but I was staying, and live in this city has been for me and continue to travel constantly, is a lively city that does not sleep at night, and its activity begins early in the morning … and of course stay??? if I live happy with these contrasts of people and language, how you mix the local drunks and all over the world walking down the mysterious and cosmopolitan streets of Raval, the uncountless themed bars at Gothic quarter with streets that look perfect scenes of art movies, the views of the park Guell or Montjuic … and beaches full of joy, I have many favorite places in Barcelona! … come to know you might not stay here like me but for sure you’ll take memories for the rest of your life.

Hostels Barcelona | Moya


I’m the vampire of the castle. You’ll see me in the night shift with my shiners, but don’t worry, I don’t bite people unless they ask me.
I’m gonna see you in the moment you start partying and again in your shaky come back, but don’t worry again, what happens in the reception stays in the reception.
If you wanna know alternative places, if you expect in this travel something elese that take a picture of Sagrada Familia to post in your facebook, I’m here to show you the way out of the spotlights.

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