The best hostel experience.

August 2, 2011

Upasana, India – 28 of July, 2011
This is the best hostel experience I had in Europe. It is very conveniently located, close to La Ramblas. The area is mainly inhibited by the Asian community. I stayed in Be Sound Hostel just for one night and it was a wonderful experience. It was very cheap considering how well they have maintained it.. The morning reception guy was very cheery and he gave me the last room available because we shared our birthday :) They provided us with a large safe with automated locking system. The room I shared with 9 backpackers was extremely clean, so was the bathroom and the corridor. They have a lift but it doesn’t function between 12.00am till 6.00am but can be used on request of moving luggage. They have 3 computers with decent internet connection on the basement and a kitchen (which I never used, so not sure). I had very friendly Australian and Indian travelers in my room and I am definitely going back to Barcelona and Be Sound hostel.

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