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Don’t miss the Sónar 2012! Come to Barcelona, go to the Sónar music festival and sleep with Be Hostels..

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As you probably know, Sónar is one of the best music events in Barcelona and around Europe. Each year for one weekend in June, the amazing sunny city of Barcelona is flooded by thousands of music fans from all over Europe and literally becomes a party city!

This year’s edition takes place from the 14th until the 16th of June 2012, allowing for a couple of dips in the ocean before (or after) the festival. In contrast to many summer festivals, Sonar does not take place in a field with people camping since it’s a city festival…. So you’ve got to look for accommodation , and what better a place to stay than with us at Be Hostels in Barcelona?


There are two different locations where the festival takes place in Barcelona:


  • - the day concert location (Sonar by Day) in the city centre
  • - t the night party location (Sonar by Night) which you can get to by public transportation.

This year’s line-up brings you such names as New Order, Lana del Rey, Fatboy Slim, Richie Hawtin, Die Antwoord, Friendly Fires, Laurent Garnier, among many many other National and International artists! Just check-out the constantly growing line-up at the official Sonar webpage for more details!


There are various tickets available for Sonar Festival with different price ranges. At present, the offer includes the following:


  • - Festival Pass (155.00€): access to all events (the 3 day plus 2 night events)
  • - Sonar 2 Night Ticket (100.00€): Friday&Saturday night event
  • - Sonar by Day Ticket (39.00€): Day ticket for one day event
  • - Sonar by Night Ticket (60.00€): Night ticket for one night event.

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Where to buy your tickets

Tickets for the festival are available over the phone or online. There are also dedicated phone/online outlets for the UK, France, Belgium and Switzerland. If you have made an online or over the phone booking there is also a list of collection centres on Sonar’s official site where tickets can be collected for entry into the festival itself.

For more information regarding how to purchase tickets for Sonar, check the Official Sonar website.


How to get to ‘Sonar by Day’

The day festival part of the Sonar Festival takes place in the center of the Raval area, a neighborhood in the city center of Barcelona. It takes place in the grounds of two adjacent buildings – the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona) and the MACBA (Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona), right in the city center and the Raval neighbourhood where Be mar HostelBe Sound Hostel and  Be Ramblas Hotel are located.
You will be able to reach the venue on foot, since its 50m walking distance from the above facilities. The area sits towards the top and to the left of the Ramblas (if you are facing the hills, towards Plaza Catalunya at the top of the Ramblas). From the Ramblas, side streets will lead you towards the site of the festival.
The main entrance to the festival is on Calle Montalegre. If you need to pick up tickets from the gate, the ticket office is just around the corner, in Plaza dels Angels

 Calle Montalegre, 5

Metro: Catalunya (Green Line, L3) or (Red Line, L1) or Universitat (Red Line, L1) or (Purple Line, L2)


How to get to ‘Sonar by Night’

Getting to Sonar by Night is slightly more complicated than getting to Sonar by Day. You will see hoards of party people around the city struggling to catch taxis and buses to the out of town location. Sonar by Night takes place in the Forum, on the outskirts of the city.
When planning your night it is worth planning how you are going to get home before the night has begun. Sonar by Night goes on until 8:00 am, at which point there are thousands of people in a location outside of Barcelona with only a few options for getting home. See below for further advice.


Getting to Sonar by Night by Bus:

Sonar provides what they call ‘uninterrupted buses’ to and from the venue on Friday and Saturday night, from 20:30 – 08:00. These run from Plaça de las Drassanes (at the bottom of the Ramblas) and drop you at the entrance to the festival. They are complimentary. However, be warned, there will be large queues of people waiting for these buses – in previous years there have been waits of up to two hours for the buses.
Plaça de las Drassanes

Metro: Drassanes (Green Line, L3)


Getting to Sonar by Night – Taxi:

It is approximately a 15 – 20 minute journey to Sonar by Night in a taxi. The important thing to remember with taxis is that they will be in very high demand on the Sonar weekend. If you have decided to catch a taxi, head to the less touristy parts of town, where you will find less competition for the taxis.
Also, regarding taxis, remember that there will be surcharges for travelling on the weekend, and another if you are travelling after midnight. When returning to the centre of town from Sonar by Night, taxi drivers are only too aware of how in-demand they are-. They will often simply turn off the mater and ask for as much as they think that they can get out of you, You may find yourselves paying up to 60 euros – a much more viable option if you’re traveling in a group.


Getting to Sonar by Night by Train:

The train station that is closest to Sonar by Night is called ‘Europa/Fira’. It can be reached via all trains leaving the FGC station that is located in the Espanya metro station. The journey lasts only 5 minutes and trains run at least four times every hour. The Sonar by Night venue is just around the corner from the train station and signposts will lead you directly to it.
Trains from Plaza Espanya run until approximately 00:00 and trains from Europa/Fira start running again at 05:10.
You can use a normal Metro ticket or T10 to make this train journey. For more information on this, see our Barcelona Metro Guide.
For more information on train times, check the Official FGC Website.


Accommodation in Barcelona

The last thing you must know about this festival is that with us at Be Hostels you will enjoy the festival completely, because all the money you save sleeping with us, you can spend during the festival! Sleep cheap in Hostels Barcelona, and enjoy yourselves at Sónar!


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