Sant Joan

invites you to the most colorful night if this year! Raise your fireworks! Celebrate traditional Sant Joan with us!

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The tradition of Sant Joan in Barcelona is a popular celebration in honor of San Juan Bautista, also called the “Night of Fire” in which the locals celebrate by using fireworks and in general by playing with fire, lightning so the whole city up with bonfires and various fire shows.


Taking place in order to celebrate the summer solstice, the 23rd of June is the starting point for the celebrations of Sant Joan, which start the day after and is a national holiday in Spain. It also “unofficially” opens the summer season and gives us the longest day of the year.


This celebration which takes place from late afternoon until the first sunray’s is called “verbenas” and contains fire as the main element, turning the city into a huge fire display with thousands of fireplaces, giving this celebration a lot of joy and colour.


Be sure to experience this almost pagan tradition which brings together the best of Barcelona: tradition and party! Book your bed with us at and come enjoy the summer vibe!


Keep traveling, keep smiling!

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23rd of June 2011
At all the beaches of Barcelona

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