Sant Joan Festivity 2012

Be Hostels wants to invite you to the Sant Joan Festival. This is the party where we welcome the summer by celebrating the shortest night of the year! Everyone will be sleepless because celebrating Sant Joan means waiting for the sun to rise. Join this exciting event and stay in Barcelona with Be Hostels!

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In Catalunya a great deal of emphasis is placed on the Summer Solstice – the shortest night of the year. It is a public holiday renowned for the electric atmosphere in the air and the crazy parties that take place. If you are in Barcelona during this period there is no way that you will miss the date – fires in the streets and the constant crack of fireworks will make sure of that! The celebrations take place on 23 June each year but the actual feast day is on the 24 June.

This celebration, which takes place from late afternoon until the first sunray,  is called the “verbena” and contains fire as the main element. Fireworks and bonfires turn the city into a huge fire display scattered with thousands of fireworks, giving this celebration a lot of joy and colour.

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At midnight, all the old furniture is gathered on the beach to be set alight. The bonfires on the beach are a symbol of incineration of the winter. The Chiringuito-Bars (Terrace Bars) on the beach will play mainly house music and some DJs will bring their special equipment to get the party started. While the fires are burning, people dance all night long till dawn. Clearly, Sant Joan is definitely not a night to sleep!

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