Sant Joan 2011 in Barcelona!

If you are planning to visit Barcelona around 23rd june, this is the right time! Everyone will be sleepless, because of celebrating Sant Joan festival! Join this exciting event and stay in Barcelona with !

Sant Joan 2011
Sant Joan in Spain marks the start of the summer. This is is the midsummer solstice celebration, which is the day that has the longest period of daylight in the year. The Nit de Sant Joan celebrations in Spain and Barcelona are on the evening of the 23rd June. The next day is 24th June which is Saint John’s day and a public holiday in Catalonia and Spain.
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The Sant Joan festivals and fiestas are from sunset on 23rd June to sunrise on 24th June on the eve of Saint John’s day. The Sant Joan festival is often called “La Nit de Sant Joan” – the night of Saint John. The fiestas are also called “verbenas” or “revetllas,” which means open-air fiestas or celebrations.

This time of the year everyone in the city is in a good mood and there will be great parties everywhere. On each plaza, bar, café, club and even the Barcelona beaches will be full of people celebrating the fest of Sant Joan Barcelona 2011. There will be parades with crazy fireworks in the streets and people dancing under the fireworks like you have never seen before. The people living in Barcelona also call this festival the night of fire because of these fireworks.

In the time of Sant Joan 2011 it’s great to be in Barcelona with your friends in !

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