Sant Antoni of Sa Pobla in Gracia 2012

Sant antoni of Sa Pobla, gracia 2012Every year during the last weekend in January the Barcelonian neigborhood of Gràcia celebrates the Traditional Party of Mallorcan festival of Sa Pobla in honor of Mallorca’s patron saint of animals and farmers, San Antoni Abad.


It`s a festival of arts and entertainment that originated on the island of Mallorca which is part of the balearic islands.


Gràcia’s plazas fill with colourful processions and red devils. Everyone gathers around open bonfires and dance to Malloran folk instruments.

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On Friday, concerts begin at 10pm in the Centre Artesá Tradicionarius (CAT) with unique performances from some traditional Mallorcan groups. The festivals main events take place from 11am on the 30th with artisan markets, typical food and drink, castellers (towering over the crowds), lively parades, carrefocs and customary dances. The bonfire is finally lit at 11pm and the celebrations continue on into the night. In addition, until 28 February, the CAT and the Ayuntamiento de Gràcia show a collective exhibition combining the work of 30 new and established Mallorcan artists.

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