Open-air film festival!

Do you like watching movies and making picnics as much as Be Hostels guys do? There is an opportunity to have both things at the same time! Join open-air festival in Montjuic mountain Castle and you will never forget this special time, enjoying the views of Barcelona night city!


Till 5th of August you have a chance to visit the 9th edition of the “Sala Montjuïc”, an Open-Air Film Festival that takes place at the Montjuïc’s Castle. every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there will be 2 projections and a concert. It is the perfect place to have a picnic and enjoy the summer nights with family and friends.

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This Friday, 22nd July: Nosferatu In 1838, Hutter, an estate agent in Wisborg, Germany, says goodbye to his wife, Ellen, to visit a castle in Transylvania. Its owner, Count Orlok, wants to purchase a house near the Hutters’ property in Wisborg. But there is an uneasy air in the castle, and the Count has the oddest habits… 

This silent movie is the first (and unauthorised) film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s pioneering horror novel Dracula. Nosferatu is Murnau’s masterpiece and an outstanding work of German expressionist film. With live music!

every monday, wednesday, friday till 5th of august
Montjuic’s castle
Montjuïc “teleférico” or by bike.
- TMB buses from the Towers on Plaza Espanya as from 8.30 pm (free with the TMB integrated tariff). Buses go back down once the film is finished.
the ticket is 5 euros and you can rent a deck chair for 3 euros


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