Mika concert in Barcelona, November the 20th

Be Hostels wants to invite you to Mika’s concert in Barcelona! Mika is a renowned English artist, whose shot at fame came with his album, Life in Cartoon Motion. Since then, he has earned a great following, and he’s coming to Barcelona this November!

Since the release of Life in Cartoon Motion, Mika has turned into a musician who can fill entire football stadiums thanks to his special voice and ability to make a spectacle out of each concert he plays. We haven’t heard much about Mika since 2010, when he began recording his new album “Origin of Love”. He has said in numerous interviews that the new album will be more simplistic and less layered than the previous album.

Booking Be Hostels

Now that you know  Mika is coming to Barcelona, don’t miss this great opportunity to come to this great city, hear amazing music, find new friends, enjoy our FREE facilities and sleep with us! Mika and Be Hostels are waiting for you!

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