In-Edit International Music Documentary Film Festival Barcelona

Come and enjoy The International Music Documentary Film Festival with us. Beefeater In-Edit will celebrate its tenth edition in Barcelona from October 25th to November 4th.  Spend your time in Barcelona and do it with Be Hostels!

Once again, Barcelona’s very own music documentary festival will be coming to theaters this October. The Beefeater In-Edit Festival, the only music documentary film festival we know of, has grown and grown each year, multiplying exponentially from just 1,200 participants at its opening in 2003 to 30,279 in 2011. You can get an idea of the large variety of films in the festival by looking at past line-ups. 111 different films have been listed on the In-Edit Festival official site, hailing artists from the DRC, to Germany, and Brazil to the USA. Another important thing to know is that all films are shown in Original Version with Spanish subtitles.

Artists like Adrià Puntí, Cure of Pain, Glastopia, I’m not a rock star, and many others will offer great performances during day while the festival takes place! And you can go to the festival for just 6€ for an individual ticket or 45€ for a ten-ticket coupon book.

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You can buy your tickets directly from the website! Or: Do it here.

October 25th to November 4th
Barcelona ( Different spaces HERE )
From 6€

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