Halloween in Barcelona!

If you’re in town in late October you can enjoy a nice Halloween night in Barcelona with Be Hostels! Halloween is celebrated here almost as much as anywhere in North America, and it’s getting more popular in recent years. Also added some Catalan traditions during Halloween in Barcelona.



Barcelona like any other city has a mysterious side. For centuries, the city has faced many tragedies, including epidemics, riots, bombings and gun battles.
Places like the South-West Cemetery, Plaza Sant Felip Neri, La Sagrada Familia, The Museum of Funeral Coach and many more that represent the history and sometimes the sadness of the tragedy.


It’s a good idea to visit these mysterious places to observe the true spirit of Halloween in Barcelona, especially in the Gothic Quarter, worth a visit this night! During the celbration the people usually get dressed, can be seen in makeshift parade of monsters, vampires, witches and other creatures in the center of the city and especially around Ramblas.


Be prepared with your outfit the night of 31st of October to really enjoy Halloween in Barcelona! Because tonight bars, clubs and discos all over the city are organizing special theme parties. And after a party night on 1st of November all over Catalonia, and especially in Barcelona, you can take part in one of the region’s most characteristic All Saints’ Day traditions: “la Castanyada”.

The chestnut – fall’s classic symbol – plays the leading role in this festival. You can find special stalls on the streets where you can try fried hot chestnuts to warm you up. Besides chestnuts, enjoy Catalonia’s most traditional and seasonal dishes: sweet potatoes, sweet wine and “panellets,” small varied candies made of marzipan, almonds and pine nuts; a Catalan staple.

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