Free Fire Evils in Sants Quarter Festivity

Just as the Festa Mayor de Gracia finishes, Be Hostels invites you to another big neighborhood Festa Mayor that begins in the Sants district of Barcelona. During the last week in August, the popular district of Sants refreshes the streets with its Fiesta Mayor.

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Although not quite as famous as Gracia, the “Festa Major de Sants” is also worth visiting. Many of the main activities take place in “Parque de la España Industrial” and 13 streets in Sants will be decorated by the residents with many entertaining themes. A Catalan celebrity usually opens the festival at the “Parque de la España Industrial”. There will be many chances to see festivals traditions like correfocs – fireruns, castellers – human tower building, Gegants and capgrossos – giants and other Catalan festival traditions; the Sants festivities have nothing to envy other areas.

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Come and join us at Be Hostels in Barcelona to enjoy the Sants quarter festival!

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