Festival of street music in Barcelona!

Be Hostels loves good music and we hope you do too! What is better than live music on the streets of Barcelona? Be Hostels advices you to visit the Buskers international festival in Barcelona! It’s a festival of street music that spreads the Barcelona cultural diversity through music!


What is a busker and what does busking mean? The dictionary defines a busker as a person who entertains in a public place for donations. The Busker’s Barcelona Festival 2011 is the 7. international festival of street music, which celebrates the cultural diversity of Barcelona through street music. For 4 days at the beginning of August buskers from around the world will perform in Barcelona in the Barceloneta neighborhood of the old city of Barcelona.

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Busk´s festival particularly was a festival “in the hat.” This means that the musicians receive no box to participate in the festival, but the public is who gives the money directly to the musicians, according to its possibilities, tastes and preferences. During the shows are “pass the hat” and you can buy the CDs of the groups.
It aims to provide a space where musicians performed their shows as part of an international festival. The street musicians organize their events from a perspective different from the traditional (on stage) as to be located at street level, continuously and actively interacts with the audience, as the integrating your show.

The first weekend of August (from Thursday 4 to Sunday 7), after 19h, the district of La Barceloneta homes a year to Busk’s Festival with a variety of national and international road shows. It starts at 19h. Join this nice event with Be Hostels !

4th-7th of august
metro L4 Barceloneta
depends on how much you put in the musicians hat :)

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