FC Barcelona Season 2013 presentation, get your tickets from 9€!

Get now your tickets from 9€ for FC Barcelona Season Presentation. Be Hostels wants to invite you to come to Barcelona for an special event this August. The FC Barcelona season 2013 presentation during the Joan Gamper Cup.


F.C. Barcelona Season 2013

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Leo Messi in action against Sampdoria. Here starts an unforgettable season, now without Guardiola!

Normally is very difficult to buy Barça tickets to watch a match, but for these Joan Gamper Cup, they offer the tickets to the whole public. This means everybody, and not just partners, can buy a cheap ticket for the match.

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Barça will play with Sampdoria on August 20th, make sure you buy FC Barcelona vs Sampdoria tickets for this year’s Gamper!

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