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The Sitges Zombie walk is a meeting that takes place every year during the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival, and it’s FREE! If you are staying in Barcelona during the festival and do not want to miss out, read on! With Be Hostels, dressing up and participating in the zombie walk with new friends is more than possible!

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The Zombie walk is one of the major acts in the Sitges International Film Festival, where people come from all over so they can dress up as zombies –Walking Dead style, for example- roam the Sitges streets with thousands of others doing the same. To ‘become’ a zombie yourself, there’s usually a makeup area (limited places) during the day where people who want to paint their faces and participate in the walk can get into character. So if you’re thinking about the night of the zombies, this is your chance!

Practical Information: This year, The Sitges Zombie Walk takes place on October 12th, and it usually starts at the “Edifici Miramar” – Miramar building – on the street called “Carrer Davallada” at 20:30 in the evening. The commencement of the Zombie Walk will be inaugurated by Spanish movie stars, after which the Zombies will stomp through Sitges and make their way to the finish line on the Passeig de la Ribera promenade next to  the sea. There’s a party after the Zombie Walk too, with a concert at the beach on the Passeig de la Ribera promenade at 22:00. And, if you have’t had enough, Zombie fans can watch zombie films at the Sitges Film Festival in the days that follow.

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The zombie walk is just one of the Sitges Film Festival events, a festival where the main attractions are horror and gore films, among other cinematic categories. If you have time and want to get away, make your way to Sitges see some of the dozens of films offered by the festival!

But remember doing it with Be Hostels, the best accommodation in Barcelona!

October 12th at 20:30h
Free event

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