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A young, eclectic crowd dances to the pulsing beat of electronic music, hands in the air, focusing on the DJ. But they aren’t crowded onto the dance floor of an exclusive nightclub. They are dancing in a public park in broad daylight at a weekly event that takes place in Barcelona next september! And with Be Hostels, you can enjoy it!

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This festival by day is hold in Barcelona from the 8th of July to 23rd of September 2012.  For the 3 last sessions, you will have to be patient and wait until the 9th of September to enjoy the sound of Masomenos, Timid Boy, Dop and Vincent Abbo. The last session of this summer festival will be hold during la Merce which is the most important annual Festa Major of Barcelona.

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“Our mission was first off to democratize electronic music,” said Nicolas Cournoyer, who founded Piknic Electronik with three partners and remains its general director. “We wanted to take electronic music and bring it to a more natural setting … The objective was for everyone to be able to enjoy it.” The first edition of Piknic Electronik held in 2003 gathered around 200 people, most of them fans of the musical genre who were nostalgic for its pre-commercial heyday and longed for a friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy the music.

And from Be Hostels we want you to enjoy this Elektronik Music Festival, and for this, we have the best accommodation in the city center! Be Hostels, keep traveling… Keep smiling!

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