Enjoy Gracia quarter party!

Be Hostels wants you to know Barcelona’s biggest street party is just round the corner! The Fiestas de Gràcia involve 8 days (and nights) of pretty much solid partying. Each August the Gràcia village district erupts into a carnival-like display of decorated streets. Residents compete for the prize of ‘best decorated street’.

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The concept of Gracia festival is that the residents of the district decorate their streets and compete to win the prize of being the best street. They make decorations in the carnival style and the themes could be really different, but the standarts are high and in general all the district turns to be very beautiful. Walk through the streets of Gràcia and you will be amazed by the colourful decorations that are above you and creativity that each street demonstrates.

Gràcia was established in 1626, in the surroundings of a convent called Nostra Senyora de Gràcia (Our Lady of Grace). Gràcia was an independent municipality until it was annexed to Barcelona in 1897 along with other villages in the plain of Barcelona. The expansion of the Eixample  district in the 19th century eventually led to the northward expansion of Barcelona, connecting Gràcia to the growing metropolis.

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Summer is full of different events and it’s really a right time to spend your days in Barcelona! Here you can find a lot of popular cultural activities, each district uses these hot months to celebrate their festivals and they invite you to get to know the area better.

And this one is definitely one of our favorites – Festa Major de Gràcia! The district of Gràcia hits the streets in August and they will explode with decorations, art, flowers, fireworks, live music and other entertainment things. You could not miss it!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Barcelona before this wonderful party! Thanks to Be Hostels, you can do it for a cheap price! Sleep with us, and spend your money in having fun!

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