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Best and most fun hostel.

1st September 2011
Amazing! Best and most fun hostel Ive ever visited. So clean, so much to do inside the hostel, great bathrooms and kitchen, close to the beach (…)

Location is not an issue.

Zheng Yang, Singapore – 31 August 2011
Other than that, the free tours are great, and the staff is friendly and helpful, and the place is clean, and the use of the card for the free locker is great. (…)

Awesome experience.

Nicus, Cyprus – 26 of August, 2011
It was an awesome experience, good location if you go to Barcelona to swim, very good security, great international staff (…)


Meghan, USA – 13 of August, 2011
This hostel is a perfect place if you want to party – while its location was a little out of the way, they organized a lot of events with their partner hostels in the city and a lot of people took part (…)

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