Christmas swimming

The Christmas Day harbour swim is one of Barcelona‘s oldest sporting traditions. This swim is a 200m Christmas open water swimming race in the marina port of Barcelona on 25th December every year at 12.00 noon.



The swim is the harbour by the Rambla de Mar, which is the pier at the end of La Rambla walking street after the statue of Columbus on the square called “Portal de la Pau.” The Barcelona Christmas Swim has nine different categories with a limit of 130 swimmers in each. Registration is usually open until 18th December. In 2010 there were 480 participants and the water temperature in the harbour was 13 degrees Celcius.

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For over 100 years, each December 25, the Barcelona Swimming Club organizes the Christmas Cup swimming. It is a competition that involves swimming 200 meters across open water in the port of Barcelona, starting in front of the monument to Christopher Columbus, the Portal de la Pau.
The first Christmas Cup was held at Christmas 1907, and this makes it the oldest sporting event in Barcelona and one of the oldest in Europe. The winner of the first edition was Edwald Poescheke with a time of 3’17 “02. Since then, the test has been performed every year, with the exception of the years 1937 and 1938, which could not be hold because of the Spanish Civil War.

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