Christmas Market in Barcelona Santa Llúcia

This Christmas, come and visit the largest Christmas market in Barcelona, and do it with us at Be Hostels.

This is probably Barcelona’s most well-known Christmas market. It’s a classic, only takes place at Christmas time, and lasts throughout the month of December.

The Fira de Santa Llucía (or Santa Llucía fair) dates back to 1786, and has expanded to include over 300 stalls that sell handcrafted Catalan gifts and decorations for the holidays. Highlights of the fair include: musical parades and shows, 30 miles of Christmas lights, piles of Catalan sweets (torron), Catalan Christmas bread (Pa de Nadal), Christmas decorations, little presents such as candles, scarves, incense sticks.. Every little deatil you can think of to make Christmas that much more special can be bought at this fair.

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The installations of the Fira de Sta. Llúcia have changed considerably over time. In the early 20th century, according to the photographs which remain today, the stands used at the fair were made up of large wooden boards set on simple shelves. These were protected by rudimentary canvas waterproofed with linseed oil, and were lit up by oil or acetylene lamps when it got dark. Now, in contrast, the stands are wooden, well equipped and strong, and lit by electricity.

At Santa Llúcia Market you will find:

  • Sweets
  • Christmas bread
  • “Caganers” (The Catalan folkloric ‘pooping man’)
  • Christmas decorations
  • Crafts
Spend your Christmas in Barcelona and come to this magical market! Open from 25 November to 24 December

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