Christmas in Barcelona

If you’re planning to have a white christmas in Barcelona, this is the page you are looking for. Make the most of Barcelona with Be Hostels.

Barcelona at Christmas is a truly special time and Barcelona is a perfect city for celebrating the Christmas holidays. Meet new people, go shopping, listen to the best music at clubs, and celebrate new year’s eve in this great city that knows how to enjoy life and have fun!

Christmas in Barcelona is truly different. People hanging out in the streets with their kids, having a beer while relaxing on an open-air terrace, shopping with their families, and preparing the “Tió”, a special tradition in Catalunya where kids hit a wooden trunk with sticks until it poops out presents for them… There are many different reasons to travel to Barcelona during this magical time.


During the Christmas season, Barcelona’s street lighting is truly spectacular. The decorative lights are lit one month prior to Christmas day, and for that month leading up to Christmas the streets of Barcelona are a magical winter wonderland. Plaça Catalunya, La Rambla and Portal de l’Angel are the best spots to appreciate the lights that light up the city.



The most famous nativity scene is set up in the Plaça Sant Jaume each year by Barcelona’s City Council. On display there are all the traditional parts of the nativity scene, plus the Catalan addition- the “Caganer” ( Catalan ‘Pooping man’ )- who is a traditional icon for nativity scenes in Barcelona. During christmas time, many famous people from around the world are made into into “caganers” (pooping men). In past years these have included: Messi, Obama, Michael Jackson, and many others.

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Shopping in Barcelona during Christmas is really a lot of fun. All the streets and shops in the city center are decorated with Christmas decorations, and some shop clerks even wear costumes to make things festive. And there is always a Santa down the street handing out candy to children.


During Christmas many Christmas markets spring up all over the city where you can buy decorations, traditional objects, food and many other things. There are different markets throughout Barcelona, but the largest and most visited is the “Mercat de Santa Llúcia”

You have many reasons to come to Barcelona this Christmas

  • Learn about new traditions
  • Celebrate a different kind of New Year’s Eve
  • Shop at the best shops with great seasonal prices
  • Enjoy Barcelona’s magical Christmas atmosphere
  • Meet new people
  • Take advantage of cheap prices in accommodation
Come to Barcelona this Christmas and have the best possible year end!

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