Carnival 2012, are you ready?

Are you ready to Barcelona’s Carnival? A party where you’ll feel great!


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This year Carnival is from 16 to 22 February! Don’t miss the most colourfull party in Spain!


Carnival is a week´s time of joy and exuberance, before Ash Wednesday. People dress up in special costumes and disguises and there are parades and events everywhere in the city. In Barcelona, the carnival begins on ´Greasy Thursday´, ´Jueves Ladero´. This day is celebrated by eating good and excessive meals. The big carnival parade is being held during the weekend. On Ash Wednesday, Carnival comes to an end with the funeral of the sardine. The King of Carnival dies and is buried. Colorful costumes change to black clothes. On this day it is a tradition to eat fish.

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16 February – The arrival of Carnival is held at the “Passeig del Born” where parade with his entourage and preceded by the ambassadors of imaginary nations. The king makes ​​a proclamation of his reign and the empire of the carnival and pass to the first masks dance (from 17.30 to 21.00).
Feb. 18: Carnival parades are held in neighborhoods organized by institutions.
February 19: The main event of the carnival, in the Ribera neighborhood, including the masks dance, and the Great “Sarao”, will have three parts: at 17.00, time for children, at 18.00, will place the carnival parade (Battle of Carnival) , and finally at 18.30, the “sarao” of carnival and masks dances at the courtyard of the “Convent de Sant Agustí”, “Passeig del Born” and the lobby of the train station.
February 22: The Burial of the Sardine will be in the Ciutadella Park, with a set of activities for children.
All well and good, but if you are looking for a real party, you should go to Sitges night! Sitges is a village, just 30 minutes by train from Barcelona. Carnival is being celebrated way crazier and more eccentric in this village and the parade is a unique spectacle. Tuesday the 8th of February is the big party. People from everywhere in Spain come to Sitges, dress up and party in the streets till dawn.
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