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Early springtime in Barcelona and Catalunya is all about celebrating the nice weather, spending time outside to catch those warming sun rays and having a nice little get together to eat a typical “calçotada”. But what is a calçotada?

Well first of all this traditional barbecue is made of “calçots”, a variety of green onions, but milder and less bulbous. These calçots are grilled and dipped in a sauce (made from almonds, pine nuts, and/or hazelnuts, roasted garlic, olive oil and peppers) and accompanied by red wine or cava, the catalan champagne so to say. To go with those, pieces of meat and bread are also roasted in the charcoal after cooking the calçots in order fill you up a little further.
The ritual itself is what makes it all fun: hanging around and grilling with your friends, eating and laughing, catching those sun rays, having a beer or glass of wine, chilling in general. So what else could one desire?
And where can one eat this calçotada thing? Well, the best ones you can normally find in little towns around Barcelona, but if you’re chained to public transportation there are some restaurants that serve calçotadas in Barcelona. Some tour companies also specialize in organizing trips to villages outside Barcelona in order to eat one, so be sure to check them out if you got time!


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If you want to try a typical culinary catalan tradition, here some suggestions of where to eat calçots in Barcelona (all the listed restaurants have set-menus for calçots. Please bear in mind that calçots is a season vegetable and is normally only available around spring).




Restaurant: El Jardí de l’Àpat
Address: Carrer d’ Albert Llanas, 2 (Barcelona). Next to Pl. Sanllehy.
Area: Horta-Guinardó.
Telephone: 93 285 77 50
Price: From 20-30 Euros. (Precio medio 23 €)
Open: Tuesday to Sunday from13-16 hr and from 20-1 hr.
Closed: Sunday night. Monday.
Comments: El Jardí de l’Àpat offers an incredible garden and terrace that will make us feel our lunch or dinner is taking place somewhere away from the city. From the inside, the views are just wonderful. There is a private room for groups, ideal for meetings or family celebrations.
Dishes: ”Calçotades”. Charcoal-grilled meat and vegetables. Lleida style snails. Pork feet. Grilled bread. Iberian ”embutidos”, cheeses and pâtés. Homemade desserts.
Transport and close to
Subway: Alfons X (L4).
Parking: Mare de Déu de la Salut, 83-85
Near: Parc Güell.



Restaurant: El Disbarat
Address: Carrer del Montseny, 14 (Barcelona). By Gran de Gràcia.
Area: Gràcia.
Telephone: 93 237 11 13. Tel. Reservations: 933 300 303
Price: From 20-30 Euros. (Precio medio 20 €)
Open: Monday to Sunday from 20:30-24hr. Saturday and Sunday from 13-16hr.
Closed: Lunch time from Monday to Friday.
Comments: At El Disbarat, a rustic tavern in the district of Gracia, we will feel like home, while we enjoy a Catalan-Mediterranean cuisine, with grilled meat, season dishes, ”torrades”, etc. A good choice for those looking for a really nice dinner at a low price.
Dishes: Grilled meat. ”Torrades”. Salads. Season dishes. Small squid with oyster-mushrooms. ”Butifarra” with white beans.
Transport and close to
Subway: Fontana (L3).
Parking: Plaça del Sol



Restaurant: Opalina
Address: Carrer de l’ Espanya Industrial, 7 (Barcelona). Between Parc de l’Espanya Industrial and carrer de Sants.
Area: Sants.
Tel. Reservations: 933 300 303
Price: Less than 20 Euros. (Precio medio 20 €)
Open: Tuesday and Sunday from 13-16 hr. Wednesday to Saturday from 13-16hr and from 20:30-23 hr. Bar from 8-24 hr.
Closed: Monday. Tuesday and Sunday night.
Comments: Located in the district of Sants since 1985, Opalina now welcomes us in a spacious venue that is perfect for group celebrations, for it has different rooms and private spaces. The restaurant offers traditional cuisine cooked with quality ingredients in a really nice atmosphere.
Dishes: Potato omelette. Toasts with cheese. Stuffed Piquillo peppers. Iberian pork cutlets with soy and honey. Veal and vegetables brochette. Baked monkfish tail. Veal entrecote. Cod au gratin with apple mousseline.
Transport and close to
Subway: Pl. de Sants (L1-L5).
Parking: Vilardell, 5

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