Top 5 things to do near Be Zaragoza Hostel

Zaragoza is an important city between Madrid and Barcelona with many attractions to fulfill your curiosity with culture, gastronomy, lifestyle and history.

The location of Be Hostel Zaragoza is optimal to facilitate your city sightseeing, in the historic center, near Plaza del Pilar. But there’s more than just the location. In the basement you can enjoy theater plays, shows, concerts and much more for free. The hostel is established in a 15th century renaissance palace richly decorated and updated for the comfort of our guests with all the necessary services and the right staff.

Top 5 things to do near Be Zaragoza

  • Our very own Boveda historic bar and concert cellar
  • Goya Paintings
  • Local “Tapas”
  • The “Plata Cabaret”
  • Architecture from the ancient to the old to the modern

Boveda historic bar and concert cellar

Zaragoza Hostel | BóvedaZaragoza holds an important significance in Spanish contemporary music and was the breeding ground cultural icons such as the Heroes del Silencio and Violadores del Verso.

There are plenty of concert venues scattered all over town, but none of them come close to the atmosphere and historic character felt in the bar located in our hostel’s basement.

At our downstairs bar, we have weekly Sunday night jazz jam sessions, topped off with concerts on the other nights of the week, and tango ‘milongas’, to name a few of the activities we host there.  Check out all the events, videos of past performances, and live streaming on the website  Surely the #1 way to wind down after a long day exploring the sights and sounds of Zaragoza is a drink at our bar, before deciding whether or not to continue to party some more in the city center.

Goya Paintings

Goya Paintings

Francisco de Goya, court painter for the Spanish royal family, was born in 1746 in Fuendetodos, about 45 km outside of Zaragoza.  He studied and lived most of his life in Zaragoza and became one of the most important painters of his era. The artistic evolution of the Old Masters to Modern Art is said to have been influenced by his work.

Some of his most personal works can be admired in Zaragoza:

  • the “Camón Aznar Museum” houses all his controversial series of engravings (the “Desastres de la Guerra” stand out).
  • the “Basilica del Pilar” exhibits his amazing frescos.
  • the ”Museo de Zaragoza” shows some valuable portraits of noblemen and members of the Spanish royal family that Goya painted when he worked at the service of the King.

All these places have free entrance and are within walking distance of our hostel.

Local “Tapas”

Tapas in ZaragozaLess than a 5 minute walk from our doorstep, you can ‘lose yourself’ in the ‘Tubo’ area of Zaragoza, with tons of popular and exquisite tapas bars lined up next to each other.  Famous Aragonese dishes like ‘migas’ and ‘ternasco’ twisted into delicious small plates for your tasting and delight.  Whether you choose to go for quintessential Spanish dishes like tortilla, patés or jamón, or you want to be wowed by local adaptations of croquetas, sushi or Lebanese pastries, there’s really no way to go wrong while wandering around the ‘Tubo’ in Zaragoza,

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The “Plata Cabaret”

Plata Cabaret Zaragoza

Enjoy this cheeky spectacle in an authentic Spanish variety show. The authentic ‘cafe cantante’ first opened its doors in the roaring twenties, then went through an entire life cycle much like us mortals. It went through a stage as a house of as ill repute during it’s teens, and then became more of a traditional cabaret with parodies and dance recitals in it’s grown-up stage.  The curtains were closed in 1992, but only for an intermission as it turns out, because it re-opened reinvigorated in 2008 with none other than Bigas Luna (director of ‘Jamón, jamón’ ) as it’s artistic director.

El Plata has burlesque show cases. The first evening showing is free or can be combined with a dinner for those who are in for the treat.  At 1 in the morning they perform a ‘best of ‘, and after that the space is gradually transformed into a very popular nightclub.

Architecture from the ancient to the old to the modern

Zaragoza Architecture

Zaragoza has an interesting mix of different architecture styles, all within grasp of our centrally located hostel.  Head out to the city center and you will soon cross the remnants of the Roman settlers who named the city after their emperor Caesar August: fortified walls, the (now underground) forum where they traded their goods, and even a Roman theater.

Turn onto a different street and you will come across the Mudejar towers. Then walk a couple blocks further and it’s all neo-classic and renaissance architecture around the Plaza del Pilar or the square that remembers the people’s battle of ‘Los Sitios’.

Head the other way and you will find an oasis of tranquility in the 2008 World Expo area, with modern architectural marvels such as the Bridge Pavilion, the Water Tower and Millennium Bridge, which stands out from all the pavilions, along with sculptures and botanical gardens.


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