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Top 5 things to do near Be Sound Hostel

Be Sound Hostel is located in the Raval, at the heart of Barcelona’s bohemian and cultural center. The Raval Quarter has changed a lot over the years. Today the district is a mix of the old and new, foreign and local, sophisticated and folkloric, and the modern and classic ways of life.

  • Apolo Music Club
  • Jam Sessions
  • Marsella Bar
  • Mesón David Restaurant
  • Enjoy the beach

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Raval has a lot to offer. The best way to discover it is by walking around its many intricate alleys and backstreets, or as they say in Barcelona, “ravaleando”. Here we will explain the Top 5 things to do near our Be Sound Hotel in the Raval
 so you can “ravalear” and discover this great neighborhood while here with us during your stay.


Apolo Music Club – The Best club in town

Apolo Club

The Apolo Club is one of the most legendary nightlife spots in Barcelona. Opening over 25 years ago, the club has come to be the local reference when looking to go out and dance. Whatever style of music was fashionable at the time, “El Apollo” has played it all. The club currently works both as a concert hall and dance club` with both ambients open simultaneously on any given night. With a capacity for 400 and 1100 people respectively, Apollo is host to some of the most interesting concerts scheduled in Barcelona.


One Jam Session every day!

Jam Sessions

As you know, Barcelona is a great place for artists. And musicians have an opportunity to shine here! There are usually Jam Sessions organized throughout the city for every day of the week, and are a great way to enjoy some live music while during your stay!
A jam session is a gathering of musicians who get together to play music. The music is most often improvised, or the musicians may have a theme or composition to work with that they expand upon over the course of the jam session. A jam session can range from an informal gathering of street musicians who happen to run into each other, to a session convened specifically with the goal of recording and publicizing the music produced during the gathering.


Marsella Bar – The Absinthe Bar

Bar Marsella

Opened in 1820 in El Raval, Bar Marsella is said to be Barcelona’s very first bar and everyone from Picasso to Hemmingway is rumoured to have been a regular at some point in this establishment’s long and louche history. Paradoxically, while the grime on the chandeliers thickens, the floor tiles become even tattier and the cobwebs in every corner spread further, Marsella’s appeal only seems to grow. Perhaps because the bar’s mix of local Bohemians and brave tourists enjoy drinking in the sense of history as much as the venue’s famed absinthe

“Everybody orders it,” says the bartender Miguel. “The old-timers, the students, the starving artists, the tourists.” And indeed, on a recent night at 1 a.m. or so, the infamous spirit cast its greenish glow from tables that ranged from a group of rowdy Americans on their study abroad program to a solitary shell of a man, hunched over a glass. Derived from wormwood and herbs, absinthe is powerful stuff, though the hallucinatory properties that gave it the nickname, the Green Fairy, and the reputation for undoing legions of fin-de-siècle bohemians, have never been proven.

Go and see the green fairy, and please remember her!

  • Adreess: Carrer Sant Pau, 65
  • Phone: +34 93 318 53 47


Eat at Mesón David Restaurant

Mediterranean Food

At Mesón David you will find the perfect place to eat during your stay in Barcelona, because they cook the best Mediterranean food in all around Barcelona! A visual delight, exquisitely delicious, and good for you, it’s no wonder that Mediterranean cuisine is so popular! Rich in culture and food history, the nations on the shores of the brilliant azure Mediterranean Sea—Italy, Spain, France, Morocco, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Israel—have all contributed something special to the colorful, vibrant tapestry that is Mediterranean cuisine. Key components of Mediterranean cuisine include heart-healthy olive oil, protein-rich legumes, fish and whole grains with moderate amounts of wine and red meat. The flavors are rich, and the health benefits for people choosing a Mediterranean diet are hard to ignore—they are less likely to develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol or become obese. This collection features delicious and nourishing recipes that evoke the essence of the Mediterranean region while helping you work your way toward optimal health.

With your check-in at Be Hostels, you will get a FREE Drink + Tapa for Mesón David!


Enjoy the beach

Barcelona Beach

Over the last decade, Barcelona’s platjas (beaches) have improved and grown in number. Barceloneta’s southwestern tip is home to the Platja de Sant Sebastià, and moving northward is followed by the platjas de Sant Miquel, the Barceloneta, Passeig Marítim, Port Olímpic, Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella (the last large section of which is a nudist enclave), La Nova Mar Bella, and Llevant.

The Barceloneta beach is the most popular stretch, easily accessible by several bus lines, notably the No. 64 bus and by the L4 metro stop at Barceloneta or at Olímpica. The best place for surfing is at the northeastern end of the Barceloneta beach, while the boardwalk itself offers miles of runway for walkers, bicyclers, and joggers. Topless bathing is common on all beaches in and around Barcelona.

You can find the Top Beaches here, and the Top Surf Spots here


Where to sleep in Barcelona?

Be HostelsIf you’re looking for a cheap, centric accommodation, we have the perfect option for you! Be Mar, Be Sound or Be Ramblas, the three hostels from Be Hostels, located in the city centre with very cheap prices and lots of freebies with the check-in. We wait you and your friends! Keep Travelling… keep Smiling!

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