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Top 5 things to do near Be Dream Hostel

Be Dream Hostel is located in Badalona, 15 minutes distance to Barcelona city center. Here you can benefit from the tranquility of a small town, while being very close to the center of Barcelona at the same time. You will fall in love with Badalona! and with Dream Hostel.

  • The best Beach
  • Pont del Petroli
  • Go Shopping
  • Indoor Karting
  • Bike & Running

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Badalona has a lot to offer.The best way to discover it is by walking the streets of this coastal brother to Barcelona. Be Dream Hostel is the best place to go if you’re looking to visit something more than Barcelona, and want to discover other cities, new people, different beaches, and unique places that most tourists never are lucky enough to see. Come and visit Badalona, it’s a great option for a calmer stay 15 mins from the center of Barcelona!


Enjoy the beach

Badalona Beach

There are many great beaches north and south of Barcelona that are easy and cheap to reach by train or bus. Badalona is one of these great options. Situated next to Be Dream Hostel, the Badalona beach is one of the cleanest beaches of Barcelona. At the Badalona beach, you’ll be able to enjoy the calm you will never find at the Barceloneta or Marbella beaches inside Barcelona. The main feature of the Badalona beach is its golden sand and its promenade full of restaurants and cafés, where you can sit back and enjoy some tapas while taking a break from water. Badalona has more than 5 kilometers of coastline.

Pont del Petroli

Oil Bridge

The Oil Bridge is an abandoned concrete 235-meter bridge that has become a snorkling and diving paradise. The bridge was built in 1965 by the CAMPSA company and was used as a dock for unloading supplies until 1990. Having abandoned its industrial function, it became the main area for diving without boats in Badalona. At the base of the bridge, an underwater ecosystem of seabed organisms, and fish seeking refuge have made the bridge their home.

In 2001 an effort was made to dismantle the pontoon, but a group of divers, photographers and friends of the Oil Bridge rallied support to defend and preserve this structure, which is now valued as part of the landscape in the area. In 2003, the bridge became the property of Badalona and, after various stages of restoration, was opened to the public in 2009. It now offers a unique and unrivaled view of Barcelona.


Go Shopping to the Magic Mall

Go Shopping

If you like shopping you’re in luck! In Badalona can find the “Magic Badalona”, a mall where you can shop and find everything you need! There are different styles of fashion, and all within the same mall! It is a modern and innovative shopping center, where in addition to do your shopping, you can enjoy a good meal at any of its restaurants, ice cream, even a good movie, with its cinemas, located in the same mall. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy at this wonderful mall, and if you come between the sales period, you’ll be able to find great discounts! Sales period is from 6th January to 28th February and from 1st July to 31th August.

We could say that it is the ideal place to lose a whole day, and also some money! : D


Indoor Karting

Indoor Karting

If you are here on holiday with your friends, with your classmates or just people you met at the hostel and you want to have a good time in Badalona you have the opportunity to enjoy one of motorsports most young people love, the karting. Gené Karting is property of Jordi Gené, WTCC Official pilot, and it is an indoor kart racing facility designed to provide drivers with a genuine racing experience. Experience real head-to-head racing at Gené Karting and discover why indoor karting is the fastest-growing sport in the Europe. If you think this is kids play…well, think again! Our high-performance European karts are capable of 80 kmh, and that seems extremely fast when you are sitting just one inch off of the ground trying to navigate half kilometer road!

More information about Gené Karting here!


Bike & Running

Bike and running

One of the things that every athlete likes is keeping fit. You should do exercise wherever you go, and keep your shape. You’re in luck, because in Badalona you have a huge promenade to enjoy walking, running or by bike. It’s your chance to take holidays and do daily exercise even though you’re on vacation. Badalona is a fantastic city and has a perfect climate, almost, all year round. Which is great because you can go running or jogging in Badalona in all seasons. That means you don’t need to worry too much about adverse weather conditions affecting your running training schedule (if you have one) or worry about the weather ruining a nice jog or run in Badalona.

And if you’re in good shape, you can reach Barcelona running, there are only a few kilometers ( Around 10km ) away from Badalona.


These are just a few things you can enjoy near our Be Dream Hostel in Badalona. With rooms starting at 10€ per person per night, Badalona has a lot to offer- and many things for free starting with these 5 wonderful places! Don’t miss the opportunity and book online with us at Barcelona Hostels.

Your holidays could be incredible at Be Dream Hostel! The only thing you have to do is come to sleep with us and enjoy you time in the best city of the world, Barcelona.


Where to sleep in Barcelona?

Be HostelsIf you’re looking for a cheap, centric accommodation, we have the perfect option for you! Be Mar, Be Sound or Be Ramblas, the three hostels from Be Hostels, located in the city centre with very cheap prices and lots of freebies with the check-in. We wait you and your friends! Keep Travelling… keep Smiling!

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