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Top 5 Places to have a Beer in Barcelona

Beer is one of the most drinked liquor around the world. People from all countries, ages, or race drink beer every day in every city in every bar. And today we want to talk you about where to drink a good beer here in Barcelona.

Here you’ve got a small but great list about 5 pubs where to have a good beer. You have to know that in Barcelona you can find hundreds of pubs, and maybe we don’t know about all of them! But here you have our humble list!

1 – La Cervesera Artesana

The brewmaster Over ten years ago the brewmaster became enraptured by beer and its world and since then his passion, dedication and creativity have enabled him to produce some of the best beers, according to the palates of renowned sommeliers. His youth and dedication guarantee that he still has a lot to discover from this thousand-year-old art. The brewmaster heads the staff of La Cervesera Artesana, which is made up by a multidisciplinary team which has found a common link through beer. In one way or another they are all beer lovers, and in all of them you can find an expert advisor in the subject.

C/ Sant Agustí, 14 Barcelona


2 – Cerveceria Jazz

Margarit and well above the street long before the Poble Sec neighborhood was a pilgrimage at night, the Jazz brewery was already there. The music is an important element, but the best thing to do in this corner, it tasted all the beers that are: German, Belgian, British … It is impossible to eliminate the stocks. See the classical references but no shortage of beer and the latest rankings with a mammoth extended leave.

C/ Margarit, 43 Barcelona


3 – Cerveceria d’Or

In 1973 was opened Cerveceria d’Or and Otto Sylt, which have become classics located in the heart of the city, offering a variety and quality of beers plus a detailed letter of German cuisine. Some years later, from 1981 to 1985, open several more local, the Zi Teresa, the Leman’s, two sausages Otto Sylt, the Daily Telegraph, now classics in the local suburbs of Barcelona. Great Beer with great price!

Rambla Catalunya, 22 Barcelona

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4 – Cervecería Moritz

Moritz is a Catalan beer brand, created in 1856 by the Alsatian Louis Moritz Trautmann, and that  has been relaunched to market in the summer of 2004. It is a beer with all the information of the products in Catalan. Now you can find the headquarters in Raval Quarter in Barcelona, also as restaurant.

Ronda Sant Antoni, 39 Barcelona


5 – Ryans Gràcia

The most recent addition to the Ryans family waits for you in Vila de Gracia! Located in the old Bristol Blue the new Ryans brings all its CRAIC to one of the most Catalan neighbourhoods. Unique events, free WiFi, your favourite sports, the best offers, international staff and of course CHEAP PRICES!

C/ Torrent de l’Olla 39


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