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Top 5 Beaches in Barcelona

Calling all sun worshippers!! Barcelona is just the place you’re looking for! Our coastline is over 4.5km long and offers tourists a large variety of excellent beaches to chose from. If you’re looking for beach, you’ve come to the right place: Barcelona.

  • Sant Sebastià ( The Best location )
  • Barceloneta ( Great Atmosphere )
  • Nova Icària ( The Restaurants )
  • Bogatell ( The Quiet )
  • Mar Bella ( The Beauty )

Sant Sebastià ( The Best location )

If you want a beach close to city center’s action, this is the perfect spot for you. Sant Sebastià is the most southern beach you will find along Barcelona’s 4.5km stretch of coastline, and is one of the closest to the centre of the city. Given its handy location, it’s a popular destination for beach goers, particularly tourists, and often gets very crowded when the weather gets warm. Many locals also chose to lay out their towels here, and the boardwalk behind it is where many traditional swimming and water sport clubs are located.

The Sant Sebastià beach in Barcelona also provides assistance for people with reduced mobility, so that they too can enter and leave the water and enjoy their time on the beach to the fullest.

Barceloneta ( Great Atmosphere )

This is probably the most well-known and popular beach in Barcelona. It’s easy to get to from the city centre and is one of the oldest beaches in the city. Just like Sant Sebastià, it’s a great place to go if you want many of the city´s attractions close by. There are also loads of activities available right on the beach, so you’re guaranteed an exciting time.
For any water sports enthusiasts, you’ll find a few shops close by where you can rent out surfing equipment or hire a bike.

One of the most important amenities at the Barceloneta is the ‘Centre de la Platja’, which provides information on the beaches, assistance to visitors, and organises educational activities about sport, culture and sustainability on the seafront. It also hosts thematic exhibitions about Barcelona’s coastline.

Nova Icària ( The Restaurants )

On the other side of the Port Olympic lies the beach of Nova Icària. It’s a popular place for families, giving it a very different atmosphere than the neighbouring Barceloneta beach. It does still get busy during the warmer months, but the calmer atmosphere makes it better suited to those of you who want to relax.
The Nova Icària Beach is rightly considered to be a very peaceful beach, and is a popular choice for families and groups of friends.

Lying very close to the Port Olímpic, it is surrounded by a great variety of restaurants and bars, as well as the most comprehensive range of facilities for sports and other activities on the entire city coastline.

Bogatell ( Peace and Quiet )

This pretty beach is more tranquil than the ones closer to the center, although it does take a bit more of an effort to get to. On the upside, The Port Olympic is within easy reach and there are some particularly good restaurants on the raised promenade which runs alongside the sand. All in all, it’s a happy ‘in- between’ when compared with the livelier and quieter beaches of the city.
The Bogatell Beach is particularly popular with the older generations. Together with the Platja de la Nova Icària, it is one of the finest beaches the city inherited from the Olympic Games.

Mar Bella ( The Beautiful Sea )

Mar Bella was created during the period when the city’s coastline was re-developed for the 1992 Olympic Games. It also has a nudist area.
The name of this beach (‘beautiful sea’) describes it perfectly. Green gardens with benches for picnicing are the backdrop of a beach which has some of the best sand you will find in Barcelona.

In July and August, a beach library alsp opens there, making it an ideal place to unwind. 
And for those of you who can’t sit still, Mar Bella is the starting point of a 1.5km running path which goes all the way to the end of the Nova Icària beach.

How to arrive to the beaches

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