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The famous TOMATO fight! How to get from Barcelona

The “Tomatina” is the famous tomato fight that is held in Buñol, near Valencia. We would like to invite you to enjoy a great time in Barcelona and take one of our tours to the Tomatina and back. Live the experience of a great traditional festivity and also a great time in Barcelona. Come to party with us!

What is the Tomato Fight?

The Tomato Fight is a traditional festivity which consists in a huge battle with soft tomatoes between everybody! You will be in a battle in the middle of the streets where the only weapon are tomatoes. Sounds Great, uh?

What to do at the Tomato Fight?

Well, much people think that the only thing you can do is fight with tomatoes, but there are some concerts and a lot of party around, the days before and the days after, but well, the main activity is fight with tomatoes! 😀


When does the Tomato Fight happen?

This year the main activity, the tomato fight is held on Wednesday 27th August.

How much does The Tomato Fight costs?

The organization of the event has decided for security reasons that the event can not be opened to everybody, so the tickets are limited to 17.000 and the cost of the tickets is 10€. You can buy them here!




How to go to The Tomato Fight?

We have special tours from Barcelona. Come to our Hostel and we will give you information about this. Please ask by mail if you want to receive information about this event. Write to mar@mail.behostels.com.


Where to sleep in Barcelona?

Be HostelsIf you’re looking for a cheap, centric accommodation, we have the perfect option for you! Be Mar, Be Sound or Be Ramblas, the three hostels from Be Hostels, located in the city centre with very cheap prices and lots of freebies with the check-in. We wait you and your friends! Keep Travelling… keep Smiling!

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