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FREE Barcelona Beer Festival

Be Hostels wants to invite you to the second edition of Barcelona’s Beer Festival , “BBF”, held in Barcelona from March 8th to March 10th. At BBF you will be able to taste around 100 different craft beers. The entrance is FREE and you only pay for what you drink!

The Barcelona Beer Festival is a great place to go and try as many craft beers from Europe to America as you can! This Beer Festival has a great selection of select beer from all over the world, and is one of the Barcelona Events. To see the list of beers that will be featured at the Festival, check the Barcelona Beer Festival Website beer list.

BBF 2013, which takes place at the great location of the Cúpula Las Arenas at Plaza España, has been designed with dilligence, might and imagination.


  • Dome las Arenas. Top floor of the mall “Las Arenas” in Plaza España. Best entrance: Diputació street (direct escalators to the dome)

Booking Be Hostels

The Festival edits a booklet printed in paper so that you don’t miss out on any details while you are ther. The booklet is 88 pages in full colour that explains how the festival works, as well as gives articles on the world of craft beer, reviews for all the beers presented at the fairm, and profiles on pubs and stores where craft beer is taken care of every day.

The festival works with glass and currency of its own, which will be available at the different selling points within the Dome. Drinks will only be served in glasses from the festival and the only accepted currency will be the one purchased at the festival. The entrance is free of charge, but to be able to taste the beers you’ve got to buy the glasses and chips (money) special to the festival. Not all beers will cost the same amount of chips. That will depend on the production costs for each beer.

There’ll be 3 kinds of packs:

  • Initial Pack: Glass + booklet + 7 chips, all for 10€
  • Pack 2: 5 chips for 5€
  • Pack 3: 10 chips for 10€

The facilities are suitable for wheelchair entry (access through exterior elevator in Espanya square)

We recommend the use of public transportation. There are several options:

How to arrive:

  • Underground: L1 and L3 (Espanya stop)
  • Train: Espanya and Sants stops, the last one connected through underground or a 15 minutes walk
  • Bicing: There are a number of points to park your bike around Las Arenas. You can also find all theses bicing stations: 081, 093, 094, 095, 096, 097 i 420 al voltant
  • Buses: Check TMB (www.tmb.cat)

If you like beer, and you should, this is your festival! Remember that with us, Be Hostels, you will have the best and cheapest accommodation in barcelona.

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