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Dress Code | What to wear in each moment?

Do you know what to wear in each moment?


Here you’ve got some information about what to wear at your parties in Barcelona!


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The dress code is a set of rules that specify adopted socially correct way to dress in certain situations. For example, it is not the same dress for a wedding, for a cocktail party or to visit us at Be Hostels.

Most of these rules are not written, but often are common sense. For example, You will never go in bathing suit to a wedding, unless it is in Tarifa and the priest is on a surfboard. Although there are other rules, contained in the protocol and etiquette manuals.

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Even in some offices have their own dress code (jeans or sports forbidden) or at events like weddings or special parties, where the invitations specify the dress code (such as going black in a graduation, or white for a summer party).

The main Dress Codes are:

– Casual dress
– Dress down
– Dress suit
– Dress up or dress label (depending on holidays)
– Formal dress
– Party dress

If you have questions about what clothing is most suitable for a particular time or in a different culture, there are thousands of pages on Internet that will give all the answers. One of the most interesting is Dress Code Guide, where you can select which country you are and what to wear in cold weather, heat, or depending on time of day.

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