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Christmas 2013 in Barcelona

Christmas is coming up! Check the 4 FREE great things you can do in Barcelona during Christmas days! Although the Christmas in Barcelona might not be snowy, it doesn’t mean that this city won’t give you Christmas spirit. Barcelona is filled with activities for all types, either you are in to shopping and markets, to sports, to party, to history, to art and culture or whatever it might be – Barcelona offers something for all Christmas tastes!

What is better to do in this city then to also check out some of the local celebrations held around town? And the best of it all – all of them are free! If you are looking for cheap and trustworthy accommodation, why not stay with Be Hostels? Be Mar Hostel is located right in the city center, just a 3 minutes walk to the famous street La Rambla. Barcelona o Christmas time! Enjoy yourselves with Be Hostels!

Here you are some ideas about things to do in Barcelona during this winter 2013:

New Year Eve Party Barcelona

Christmas market

The Christmas market Fira de Santa LLucia started at 1786 and is the oldest one you will find in Barcelona. It is located next to the Cathedral in the gothic quarter, at Placa de la Seu. Beautifully decorated with Christmas lights and the smell of typical Christmas sweets will for sure get you in to Christmas mood!

Something that you’ll probably raise your eyebrows at whilst walking through the city is the rather noticeable traditional Catalan traditions, such as the ‘caganer’ or the ‘caga tio’. The caganer is a small figure who in tradition wears typical Catalan clothes and a red hat (called ‘barretina’) as he bends down sitting, trousers down, showing his bare ass, pooping. Literally, ‘El caganer’ means ‘The crapper’. Now, in modern time, they make these figures portraying celebrities or famous figures, like Batman, John Lennon, Miley Cyrus, Barak Obama…

The ‘caga tio’ (“shitting log”) follows the pooping-theme. He wears the barretina as well, and he is covered in a bed blanket. He’s inside is filled with sweets which he poops out on Christmas Eve for the kids to enjoy.


Santa Claus swimming race

Every year on Christmas Day, the 25 of December 11.00, it is organized a swimming competition in the port, starting in front of the Christopher Columbus statue. It is 200m distance and this year it is the 104th edition.  Although it is not snowing in Barcelona around Christmas, I wouldn’t say that it is warm enough for a swim either… To protect themselves from the cold, a lot of people dress up in a Christmas costume, such as Santa Claus! Go and check out Santa swimming!

Santa Claus Swiming Race Barcelona


New Years Countdown

Make sure starting 2014 in the right way! The Countdown will be held at Placa Espanya, next to the Magic Fountain. From 23.30-00.15 you can keep track of the hour at the huge widescreens that will show the time counting down. Bring your cava (Spanish champagne), your grapes (tradition says you have to eat 12 grapes the 12 last seconds before 00.00 – it is suppose to bring you good luck to the new year!) and come and watch the magnificent fire works.


The spectacular parade of the Three Kings

In difference to the normal present-giving at Christmas with Santa Claus, the presents are given on the 6th of January from the Three Kings. The night before, the 5th of January, they arrive to town and have a parade through the city. They arrive from the sea at the port Moll de la fusta, welcomed by presents, and from there continue their journey all the way up to Placa Espanya and the Magic fountain. They arrive at 17.00, the parade starts at 18.30, and are expected to be at Placa Espanya 21.15.

This is just a few of the celebrations, markets and events that are going on in Barcelona. Book now at Be Hostels and celebrate Christmas and New Years Eve here and you’ll see it with your own eyes!

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