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Bona nit ( Good night ) Barcelona Music Festival 2013

Today we want to show you a one day festival held at Poble Espanyol, one step from our Be Hostels! Bona nit Barcelona ( Good night Barcelona ) Music Festival 2013!

What is Bona Nit Barcelona?

Bona nit Barcelona is a new music festival which celebrates its first edition at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. But the name is not casual, it has a reason. In Catalan, “Bona Nit” can bear two meanings: it can be used as a greeting, or it can literally mean “good night”. The actual definition of this festival is in between both meanings. On the one hand, it is the communication of the proposal we want to share with the world. It is also the phrase that foreign bands are taught when they arrive in Barcelona, which will guarantee a better connection with their audience. Language, music, and culture as a whole are the best ways of forging links between people.

What to do at Bona Nit Barcelona?

At Bona nit Barcelona you will be able to enjoy the best music, surrounded by one of the bests places in Barcelona, The spanish village ( Poble Espanyol ), with lots of years of tradition and history! Let’s see some of the groups to listen there!

  • Kings of Convenience
  • Kakmadafakka
  • Dry the river
  • Fanfarlo
  • Inspira

When does Bona Nit Barcelona happen?

The Bona nit Barcelona music festival is held on 20th July at Poble Espanyol. You will be able to enjoy a summer night with the best music around, from 18:30 ( 6:30 p.m ) until 4:00 ( 4:00p.m ).

How much does Bona nit Barcelona costs?

You can buy tickets in advance for 40€ all the night, but if you decide to buy the tickets there, you will have to pay 45€. So, there is the link to buy the tickets now, and save 5€, for a Mojito maybe!


Where to go to enjoy Bona nit Barcelona?

Bona nit Barcelona is located at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona. A small village inside the city surrounded by spanish culture and history. A magic place to celebrate this special event!

 Metro  Espanya Station

 Metro  Espanya Station

 Ferrocarril CatalansParada Espanya

 Auto bus 13 150


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