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Top 5 spots for skate in Barcelona

All over the world skaters know that Barcelona is one of the bests if not the best place for skating. The weather, the streets, the people, the lodging, contributes to convince skaters coming to Barcelona. This is really lovely because at Be Hostels we like the sk8 culture, and all about it!


Along with a few other ledges of different sizes, some drops, a nice 5 set and the newly renovated big 3 set in the back, this place has a lot to offer. That is to say nothing about the smooth granite tiles where you are propelled forward forever with just one push.
The other part of MACBA is the vibe. Now granted this can change from day to day, but generally the locals are friendly and people are in a good mood because of course they are skating in Barcelona. Lots of people come there to hang out, talk, watch the skating and have something to drink (you can drink openly in Barcelona). Even if you don’t skate it is a fun place to people watch.
One of the other great things is that it is a no bust spot. You are officially allowed to skate there on Sunday and Tuesday evenings but there seems to be little attempt to scare people off at any other time of the day. The evenings are always a good choice because it is shady at that point and there are lots of people to skate with.
Paralel is one of those spots seems like it was made for skateboarding. It is hard to imagine what those perfect cement blocks (which are actually manual pads) would be made for anything but skating. All the edges have metal on them for grinding although there are some places were the cement has been chipped away a lot.
Not only does Paralel have the manual pads but there are also some granite ledges, a stage ledge (check the photo), a cool looking space ship thing that you can wall ride as well as the mandatory smooth plaza section.
Like MACBA this spot usually has lots of skaters as well as people hanging out, kids playing soccer and tourists who stop for a look. This makes it a good place to go to at the beginning of your trip if you want to meet some locals or if you prefer to skate with other people.

Universitat has a great atmosphere. You will often find people skating there and sometimes you won’t. But what you will find is plenty of people walking through the plaza watching. This definitely gives some motivation to bring you’re A game for the crowd. And again because the plaza is large people don’t tend to get in the way although there is a bit of dodging pedestrians once and a while. But heh that’s all part of the fun.

When we talk about spots it’s usually a variety of skateable objects in a limited space. Well Forum is a skate spot except it’s huge. Made for the Barcelona Summer Olympics in 1992 the Forum is basically a giant plaza with endless spots. It goes from the street where you get off the Tram or Metro all the way down to the water. All you have to do is skate around and you will keep finding spots. When you first get there you will probably run into the snake ledges, which have some great curved ledges. Then there is this large building with an undercover area that has the famous angled hip, which you have probably seen in more than a few skate videos.
Another thing to mention is the addition is the addition of a new skatepark in 2011. The Forum Skatepark has a mini ramp, some hips, rails and grind ledges and is a great place to chill after or even before a day of skating. It can be a little hard to find but definitely worth the search as any good skate spot is.
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Playgrounds. We loved them as kids. You got to slide around, jump over things and just generally let loose. Well as a skateboarder nothing much changes. So why not take your skateboard to the playground and relive those memories from childhood? And this time you get to combine your passion for skateboarding and play (Well I guess they really are the same thing aren’t they:) At this spot you will find giant metal slides. They can be skated like mini ramps, launched into or anything you want. That is the fun of playing, you get to imagine the possibilities.
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