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Top 5 Spots for surf in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place for surfing. The weather, the beaches and the people, makes an special cocktail which converts the city in the most visited place for surfers along the Mediterranean.
Here you will discover where to surf, where to rent a surfboard or a wetsuit, and even how to shape a surfboard!


One of the advantages in Barcelona is the weather, you’ll usually have sunny days during your surfing adventure. It’s important for us not to have cold all the time, although the wetsuit is thick!

The temperature during the surf season ( between October and April ) is normally between 5º – 20º degrees, and the water temperature is between 12º and 21º. Let’s see the best beaches for surf in Barcelona!


1 – Barceloneta Beach ( Barcelona city )
It is certainly the birthplace of Catalan surfing and one of the first spots to be surfed in Barcelona. E swells are definitely the best for this beach, its orientation is unique. It’s a must visit beach for surfing! 
 PRO – City beach with great access with public transport, and even walking from Be Mar Hostel.  
AGAINST – Be careful with your properties ( Like everywere ) 
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2 – La Caleta ( El Masnou ) 
One of the most popular spots on the Maresme coast. A versatile spot that welcomes any small Swell. The days of strong waves of NE, also works with SE waves but of lesser quality.
In good condition produces fast waves and pipes very funny, the best size is from 0.5m to 1.5m. The best wave often appears at the left edge of the beach in front of the stones. 
PRO – Easy access from Barcelona by car ( 10 mins ) and by Train ( 20 mins ). Free car parking ( Except summer ). Vans are allowed.  
AGAINST – Very full on great days of surf.  

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3 – El Masnou ( Masnou village ) 
This spot has the classic left wave of Maresme that only works with strong E or NE. Is sheltered from the wind, and it’s a perfect option when the waves in other beaches are impossible to surf due to wind or size. It’s a fun wave with a half meter or meter tall and the wave is also very smooth and easy to surf. 
PRO – Sheltered from the wind, and easy arrive with car or train ( Max. 20 mins )  
AGAINST – Be careful with the rocks!  

4 – Aiguadolç ( Sitges city ) 
The best days come with a big and orderly swell S and SE with long soft waves. Waves are usually right but they can appear some left. To enter the great days we can do it by jumping off the breakwater of the harbor because from shore can be almost impossible to go because of the flow. 
PRO – Quiet and smooth wave ideal for longboarders. Parking on the beach. 
AGAINST – Lot of people on great surf days! 


5 – Cemetery ( Sitges city )  
One of the favorite waves for Catalan longboarders. It breaks in the entrance of Sitges Port. The spot is know with this name, due to it’s location near to Sitges cemetery. 

When strong sea comes from NE, E or SE, a slowly wave rises with a lot of foam under your surfboard.
This spot was considered one of the most precious secret spot for Catalans. This spot is the only Mediterranean beach that has hosted a prestigious test of Spanish ACL. 
PRO – Good Parking and good connection by train.  
AGAINST – A lot of people on great surf days!  

If you don’t know where to sleep in the city, you must know that Be Hostels has the most affordable accommodation in Barcelona! You can sleep with us from only 14€, and spend your money in what you really like, surfing! 
Are you in Barcelona and you don’t know where to rent a surfboard? In BOX 220, ( web here and facebook here ), you can rent a surfboard ( 15 – 20 € ) and a wetsuit ( 15 – 20 € ). Depends on the season, prices may vary. 
You can take a Surf Camp course in Barcelona thanks to Art Surf Camp, ( web here and facebook here ) from 45€ the basic course. 
But there’s another possibility. With Ombak ( web here and facebook here ) and the shaper Cristian Manovel. He offers a shaper course during a week, where you can make your own surboard, choosing all of it: Material, size and design! Once you’ve done it, you can surf in Barcelona or where you want with your unique surfboard made by you! 

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