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Top 5 Cheap Mediterranean Restaurants in Barcelona

People that comes to Barcelona does for different reasons, Gaudí and his modernism, skate in its streets, go to the beach, for Messi… But there is one of the most important reasons to come to this wonderful city, the food.


Here in Barcelona we have a Mediterranean diet, based in:


–        Fresh fruits & Vegetables, bread, potatoes, nuts and beans are eaten daily in large quantities.

–        Olive oil is the primary source of fat, which is a monounsaturated fat (sometimes called the “good fats”) and does not raise blood cholesterol in the same way that saturated fats and trans fats do.

–        Fish is eaten several times a week and contains omega-3 oils, thought to reduce the risk of heart disease.

–        Meat and poultry are eaten in smaller quantities.

–        Wine is consumed moderately.

Medieterranean Diet
Here you have a 5 spot guide where to eat cheap Mediterranean food.
Mesón David Restaurant

Meson David Restaurant first opened its doors in 1921. They can proudly say that Meson David is one of the few taverns left in Barcelona and one of the oldest restaurants in the city. Since then it has been one of the favorite meeting place for the locals. Also famous persons, actors, musicians and others … visited the Meson, not only because of its location near the busy Parallel Avenue (Avenue Theatre), but because of the excellent way of preparing and serving meals to visitors.
Lunch Menu – 9€

Café Restaurant Dhub

This restaurant, located in Disseny Hub Barcelona ( DHUB ), next to Picasso Museum. This kind coffee-restaurant is opened all day, and at lunch and dinner you can choose the menu, with high quality Mediterranean products. You can also enjoy music on fridays at the restaurant. Some of the most famous food options are Guacamole Nachos, and Fresh Tomato Mojito, or Butifarra Risotto.
Lunch and dinner Menu – 11.20€

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Coqua Restaurant
Coqua is a gastronomic space, which cooks, is based in local products. You can find different plates everyday, and you can have a drink at night. They want to keep Mediterranean value above the fast food. The have respect for the farmers and the products they bring to them. Coqua is authentic, kind and equilibrate.
Plates – from 5€

La Vinateria del Call

La Vinateria del Call is a restaurant and wine bar that we like very much for its great selection of wine and wide range of hams and cheeses served by full or half portions, but no tapas. Rustic environment and good local cuisine: you can also have warm plates and really not expensive.
Menu – 11€

Olive Oil

Cullera de Boix

Cullera de Boix Restaurant with Xavier Matarrodona and his team, offering Catalan cuisine, modern and contemporary, with specialties such as rice and paellas. Their menu offers a variety of meat dishes, fish and vegetables with delicious desserts for every taste. They have the best wine cellar in Barcelona. Come try all this and more!
Menu – 13.75€

Mediterranean Diet Piramide
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