Barcelona’s most useful Apps for iPhone

Be Hostels wants to show you the most useful applications for your smartphones in Barcelona! Stop carrying lots of maps from the city, the Underground and much others. Here you’ve got the ultimate guide!










First of all, you will need a complete guide to know all interesting about the city, and where to find it. As Barcelona guide we give you these options:


Time Out Barcelona ( Free )

Get the most out of your city break with Time Out travel apps for iPhone – it’s the app savvy travellers have been waiting for. Expert local knowledge in your pocket: compiled by resident experts, the apps will help you track down the best bits on-the-go, featuring the lowdown on great museums, attractions, restaurants, bars, arts, entertainment and nightlife for your destination. Roam free: best of all, Time Out travel apps are entirely offline, so you won’t receive any nasty, unexpected roaming charges.

You can find it here ( )


Lonely Planet Barcelona ( 3,99€ )

Unlike other translator products, it does not require an internet connection or data roaming. You can use it anywhere, anytime without incurring any costs. We think this is essential given you will want to use this overseas and roaming fees can sting!. You can translate from English to a foreign language, and also from a foreign language to English.  This is particularly useful given sometimes you want to understand what is being said (or written) and other times you want people to understand you. You can actually have a two-way conversation with the app acting as the translator.

You can find it here ( )


Now you have a guide and you know where you want to go, you will need information about the transport around the city. Here you’ve got the best options for it:


Barcelona Metro Map ( Free )

Your perfect mobile companion for travel and leisure around the beautiful city of Barcelona. This is a complete guide about transport around Barcelona. Features: The official licensed Metro Map from TMB, live station and route updates, the World’s fastest route planner, location of your nearest station, and it’s all offline!

You can find it here ( )


TMB Virtual ( Metropolitan transports of Barcelona ) ( Free )

TMB Virtual is an application developed by Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona in order to make access to the city’s public transport easier. Find the transport you need more quickly, plan your route and find out how much time until the next bus passes. Via mobile you can locate all of the bus stops, metro stations, trams and trains closest to you, and if you turn in a circle, you can find out in which direction and at what distance they are located. If you hold your mobile in the horizontal position, the arrows will lead you to the selected spot. TMB Virtual offers you the utility to find out at what time the next bus arrives (iBus), plan your route on public transport (I want to go to…) and updated information on changes to the bus network.

You can find it here ( )


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Now you are prepared to visit the city! Here you’ve got the most interesting touristic apps:


Barcelona Design Tour ( Free )

Barcelona Design Tour submerges us in Barcelona’s design culture and offers us a group of actors who make up the city’s design sector. This map concentrates the main entities, premises, schools, hotels, bars, restaurants, fashion shops and bookstores, as well as other important locations that can help you to understand why Barcelona has become one of the design capitals of the world

You can find it here ( )


Barcelona Gaudí Audio Guide ( 0,79€ )

Gaudí was the genius creator of the Sagrada Familia, the Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Park Güell, Casa Vicens, Bellesguard, and the Güell Palace, amongst other buildings, mainly in Barcelona, where he developed his architectural and artistic prowess. And there is no doubt about his poularity: Millions of tourists, year after year, flock to see his works. This audio guide provides a comfortable and practical way to explore the city and discover all the magic and charm of the works of this Catalan architect.

You can find it here ( )


Gaudi’s BCN ( 3,99€ )

he GaudíBCN audioguide lets you discover the work of the visionary architect who left Barcelona a legacy of unique landmarks. Admire the beauty and originality of 11 unforgettable places, 5 of them Unesco World Heritage Sites: the Sagrada Família, Park Güell, the Casa Batlló and the Casa Milà, or “La Pedrera”… More than one hour of audio content covering dazzling façades that resemble ocean waves, rooftops with chimneys that look like warriors, dragon-shaped fountains… Details and curiosities that will help you discover the work of the great modernista architect as you stroll through Barcelona.

You can find it here ( )


FCB Watch ( Free )

Follow Barça around the world. Wherever you are you will know what FC Barcelona games are coming up and where you can watch them. FCB Watch works like a social network Barça supporters, via which they can say where they are watching the game or where they will watch it. This means that other fans looking for somewhere to see the game will be able to geoposition themselves. Enjoy the best of Barça football using your mobile device.

You can find it here ( )


Now, you know Barcelona as much as a person who live here! Thanks to these guides and other apps, you can visit the whole city! Don’t miss any time, book your room at Be Hostels, and sleep cheap with us. Enjoying Barcelona is just one click distance!
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