10 Years Be Hostels

Be Hostels is now 10 years, and we had a party to celebrate it! We also gave a prize, a free night stay + free dinner + free surf course for two people! We’re happy for our anniversary, and we want you to participate all the year!


Be Hostels 10 Years

As you can see, the winner of our contest is Miira Arell

We want to give our congratulations to Miira, and tell her that we’ll be waiting she and who she wants to come with! Thanks for your participation Miira, and thanks for those who tried! For you, I’ve got a good new, this is not the last time you can win things this year with Be Hostels! You must pay atenttion to our Facebook and Twitter. Get in touch with us!

Be Hostels Online Accommodation

The party was wonderful, with travellers, friends, and staff at Be Mar Hostel, where we danced, had some drinks and listened to good music thanks to our DJ. Here you’ve got a photo of the party. Our B and e were a completely success! And every body wanted to have a photo with them!

Friends and Staff

We want to thank also to Mesón David people, without their help, this party could not happened! Thanks to you Jose Luís!

And finally we want to thank to all the travellers who have been in one of our Hostels, without you, this adventure was impossible!

Hugs and see you in Barcelona!

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